“I Am Whore, Asswhore I Am”

Got something special up on Assylum.com today: Delirious Hunter’s rough anal sex and face fucking scene… with zipper bondage!

The crazy girls at the Assylum®are getting revenge!

It’s official, folks.  PatientsRevenge has launched!  Now you can see your favorite babes at the psychiatric proctology ward turning the tables on the assholes we employ to exploit them.

And it’s true.  I’ve been blackmailed a couple timesameliaandsinn-1 ameliaandsinn-8 ameliaandsinn-22 ameliaandsinn-44 pic-03 pic-04 pic-06 pic-08 pic-12 pic22 aface sedusa-05 sedusa-10 sedusa-11 sedusa-12 myself.

The domination of Charlotte Sartre – a sneak preview

This is the first 10 minutes from a scene we shot with weekend with Charlotte Sartre, Nurse Holl, and Bobbi Dylan. We asked Charlotte not to act.

Resolution is a bit low due to WordPress limits, but I think you’ll enjoy nevertheless.


The teen anal domination continues as I turn Anastasia Rose into a full genie slave

Anything You Wish 2 is now live on Assylum! I really loved shooting this “therapy session,” if you can call it that, because I turned Anastasia Rose into my perfect little anal genie slave. This girl really lived up to the role–it was a pretty awesome day at work for me.

If you remember, in part 1, I had her crawling in my office for some anal training and slobber abuse. She licked the cum off the floor a gazillion times and got gagged and assfucked. But now in part 2, Orderly Damian and I escalate everything. Literally escalate it: we put Anastasia in some rope bondage and make her raise herself into the air. Then Orderly Damian plows the fuck out of her teenage ass. After a while, we change up her bondage so that she can eat my ass while Damian keeps up the hard anal fucking.  Some sick rimming here.

This was some intense anal bondage, but it’s just the beginning.  I release Orderly D and go to town myself, dominating Anastasia the way I love the most. I facefuck her pretty head using her ears as handles, and when she complains, I teach her that her role is to please me, not to think about herself. She takes a lot of face slapping and other BDSM punishment as part of her training until her submission is complete and she truly grants my every wish. In the end, I make her play with my cum and slobber using her lantern again.

Anastasia Rose genie pic_04 Anastasia Rose anal suspension and rimming Anastasia Rose blowjob Anastasia Rose foot worship Slave Anastasia Rose's submission Anastasia Rose spanking and paddling Anastasia Rose submission Anastasia Rose anal Anastasia Rose rimming Anastasia Rose cum drink



18 year-old anal teen genie Anastasia Rose grants all my wishes

This is a special anal therapy session for me.  You see, treating patients here can be a thankless job.  But not in the case of Anastasia Rose.  This filthy little teenager somehow learned to do and enjoy just about every sexual and sick act under the sun by the time she was legal. Treating perverts like this may be a waste of time, but it sure is fun. Her first treatment was an hour long. I lifted her in the air by her wedgie to spank her, punished her tits, gave her a good face slapping, then used her ass, mouth, and tongue for my pleasure.  Of course, I fucked her ass hard and did lots of ass to mouth and rimming with her.  I also gave her a good hard rough gagging and face fucking until she slobbered all over the floor.  She licked that slobber, and five loads of my frozen cum, up and spit it into her lantern. Then I gave her an anal cream pie, added some of the slobber cum to her asshole, and made her shit it all out and snort it up. Once her lantern was empty, I told her that her soul could move into in mourning.  Then she could be a real genie.

Full case file with Anastasia Rose is here: http://goo.gl/9qWvWB

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Teenaged yoga girl Rain Summers makes a terrible mistake

Rain Summers snuck into the garage of the Assylum® to practice her yoga. That was a mistake.

Coming soon: her abduction and anal therapy at the hands of me and Orderly Damian…




The Human Sexipede – an Intense ass-to-mouth therapy session

Today at Assylum(R), innocent Arielle Aquinas and filthy Amelia Dire got their second treatment as the Human Sexipede. Dr. Mercies connected them together as one anal sex creature so that they would learn to average their extremes. Then Orderly Damian rode the creature around the room and fucked it in the ass to help break it in. This was really hard on the girls’ knees, arms, shoulders, and necks, because we made them do it for a long time.  And poor little Amelia didn’t get much air during it all, just whatever she could inhale from Arielle’s asshole. Eventually, Damian untied them to fuck their pussies and asses. He went ass to pussy for filthy Amelia, and then came across both their faces.  They swapped the cum and ate it. In the end, it was hard to tell one anal whore from the other.

Watch their scene at Assylum.

Amelia Dire and Arielle Aquinas pic_06 cum swapping after anal Two girl anal sex pic_10 Amelia Dire in Arielle's ass Human Centipede Sex


Two years of extreme sexual therapy for only the sickest girls

A little compilation real for you guys today.  Starting our institution was real hard.  But with the help of some amazing and VERY sick perverted girls, as well as you, our valued hospital visitors, we’ve been able to create something truly unique in the land of same-old porn…


Whose Face Do You Think This Is?

Okay, guys.  We have a new kind of scene coming in the next day or two: Assface!  Let’s just say that if anal humiliation and sexual degradation are things you like, you’ll like this anal therapy session.

So again, whose face is this?

Ass Face


Miss Pure and the Ass Whore – ass to mouth in bondage, ATOGM, rimming her gape

Miss Pure and the Ass Whore is now live!  Sweet Reverend Arielle Aquinas likes to dress up and play sex games.  She’s cute and fun but no match for the depraved and filthy anal slut, Amelia Dire.  Arielle doesn’t do enough filthy anal, and Amelia does too much extreme anal.  So Dr. Mercies decides they need to meet in the middle by transferring the anal filth from Amelia’s gaping ass to Arielle’s innocent mouth.  The anal therapy for today involves extreme ass to mouth, nasty ATOGM (ass to other girl’s mouth), rimming and ass eating, and Arielle rimming Amelia’s gape.  Of course, there’s lots of hard anal pounding on Amelia with Orderly Damian treating her nice and aggressively. This is brutal anal sex, folks.  There’s also some good face fucking and gagging until Dr. Mercies cums in Arielle’s mouth and she spits out the cum into Amelia’s for a little cum swapping with his huge, thick load.  Did I mention that most of this takes place in bondage, including a new tie suspension tie that allows Amelia’s ass to spin in the air over Arielle’s tongue?  And did I mention the girls get some hard punishment (face slapping, tit smacking, spanking) when they misbehave?   It was a sick day of anal therapy at the Assylum.

Check out this brutal anal therapy session.

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